Monstrosity 2

I was out-of-town for the weekend and came home to find out the new Monstrosity anthology had reached it’s Kickstarter funding and is in to stretch goals! Exciting stuff! This one is more sci-fi themed and I’m paired up with my buddy, Mike Morgado again....


Monstrosity debuted this past weekend and included an original story, Dinner In Deepwell, by C.M. Morgado, illustrated by me! I may have mentioned it here before, but I work on so much children’s entertainment so I don’t get to do a lot of scary or...

Sketch Bags

I came up with a new, fun, drawing warm-up that went over really well at comicon last weekend – Sketch Bags!          

Debuting At TCAF!

STARTING MONDAY, the second collection of Promises Promises comics, is debuting at TCAF 2013! (May 11-12) It won’t be available in the Promises Shop until Monday, May 13th, so I hope to see you there for your sketched and signed copy!